Tea at 1024 – Afternoon Tea Service

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In downtown Honolulu, there is this sweet little placed called Tea at 1024.  I thought it would be a nice place to take my mother-in-law who was visiting us from Philadelphia.

IMG_0741The place is small and decorated with all things feminine and pastel.  We didn’t make a reservation so I’m grateful they had a table for two available.

There is a hat rack that my mother-in-law and I perused through.  We picked our hats and then picked out tea sets.  There are a few to choose from and they are all so pretty!

The menu is fairly simple.  An afternoon tea service comes with a salad, sandwiches, desserts and a pot of tea that they refilled generously.  We chose the house tea which I always find so delicious.  I think it was called Raspberry and Roses?  Or something to that effect.


Tea for two!

Delicious and refreshing salad

Delicious and refreshing salad

Sugar with your tea?

Sugar with your tea?

IMG_0754I’ve had tea service here before and at another place.  But whenever I see how much food is served at a tea service I always think it’s not enough to fill me up.  Maybe because they are all bite sized, but after drinking a few cups of tea – you will feel full.

For our tea sandwiches we chose, egg salad and tomato with cheese.

For dessert we had an array of scones and other sweet goodies.  I love clotted cream with scones – so good!  We did polish off the desserts and took home the rest of the sandwiches we didn’t finish.

A nice cup of tea

A nice cup of tea

Tea sandwiches: egg salad and tomato with cheese

Tea sandwiches: egg salad and tomato with cheese

Dessert anyone? Mmm!

Dessert anyone? Mmm!


We had a lovely time wearing our hats and drinking from our pretty tea sets.  The service was great.  My mother-in-law really enjoyed this outing and I’m glad I remembered to do this with her.

It’s definitely a nice way to feel extra girly – much needed for me since my son is all about animals, trucks, and dinosaurs!

Definitely check out this place if you are in downtown Honolulu.  It’s a fun place for a girl’s lunch but I saw a few guys in there too.  And they were even good sports and tried on some hats.


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