Braided Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you something I made the other day.  I was going through my supplies and found I have a lot of embroidery floss leftover from the friendship bracelet craze a few years ago.  The colors are so vibrant it reminded me that spring and then summer are on its way except…Hawaii is an endless summer, so what am I thinking?! 🙂  Bear with me, people who are dealing with freezing weather.

I wanted to use up some of the floss and a few brass blanks that I still had a lot left over as well.  So here is what you need:



* 2 skeins of cotton embroidery floss, the DMC brand is always nice, but I got some generic other brand too – it doesn’t matter, any color is fine – pick what you love.  I bought mine at Wal-Mart, and our local craft store has it too (we don’t have a Michaels in Hawaii by the way).

* a metal tag connector – I made my own hand stamped one BUT you can buy some on Etsy, or Amazon and it doesn’t need to be a connector with a message on it, a symbol is awesome too!  Auntie’s Beads has some infinity connectors that are cute – the possibilities are endless.

* scissors, tape, ruler


1.  First cut 12 pieces of floss measuring 30 inches each.  I made the string long for this tutorial because wrist sizes are different but for my 6.5 inch wrist 24 inches of string is enough.  After you have 12 pieces, divide them into 2 batches, 6 pieces each, fold them in half like in the photo below.

12 pieces of 30 inch string, divide into 2 sections

12 pieces of 30 inch string, divide into 2 batches

You will also need a small piece of string or floss, just an inch or 2 in size.


2. Next take one batch of the folded floss and take the small piece of floss.  Thread the small piece of floss through the loop of the folded batch.


3. Once the small piece is looped through now it will be easier to pull the thick batch of floss through the hole of the connector.  Slip the batch of floss in the hole through the FRONT of the tag.


4. Now take the ends of the batch of floss and pull it through the big hoop – pull slowly, making sure the floss doesn’t get bumpy as you pull.

braided bracelet

5. This is what it should look like once you are done pulling the ends through…I like to pull it tight, fixing the knot to make it look smooth as I go along.  Repeat the steps on the other hole with the 2nd batch of floss.


6.  Now it’s time to braid – tape your bracelet to a smooth sturdy surface like a table.  And because your 6 strings got folded in half to put through the hole, you now have 12 strings to braid.  Divide them up into 4 sections each and start braiding.


7. To end the braid, just tie a simple knot.  I braided 5 inches for this bracelet, but you can make yours shorter or longer.  Remember you need enough braid length to be able to tie it in a knot around your wrist.


8.  Repeat on the other side of the bracelet and snip off the ends after the knot and you are done!

Braided friendship bracelet

Braided friendship bracelet


Where alone or stacked with other bracelets :-)

Wear alone or stacked with other bracelets 🙂

I made a bunch of these the other day and had a lot of fun making them.  The colors!  I love color.

wander - create - alive - integrity

wander – create – alive – integrity


Happy crafting everyone!  Hope you get to make some lovely friendship bracelets for yourself or your friends.  🙂




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